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We offer full assessments at no charge and a fixed quote cost for all locations. Assessments can be done on the phone, email or by a building location visit (depending on your location in Canada). We have installation services available for ALL areas around or in major Canadian cities. We offer a complete solution at a competitive price. We will make you the best technical recommendation for your building for a customer’s one time solution. We have MANY references for past projects if you need them.

These repeater systems are not your cheap systems that are sold by electronic distributors that have no knowledge of how to set them up, and sell low powered systems that will not get you a solution as they have a very low repeater output and use low cost parts (such as regular co-ax cable which has tremendous signal loss-it’s for low frequency TV signals, not HIGH frequency cell signals!). There is NO repeater system that can cover ALL building requirements for ANY building. It depends on many factors, including the building materials, size of indoor coverage area required, interior walls, your cell carrier frequency, distance to your local cell tower, material of the roof (metal?), how many cell and data users, voice and data requirements, availability of data speeds on your cell tower, whether your carrier’s cell tower is closer than the competitor’s tower, etc.

cm2020-75 building diagram

By experience over time, we know what works and what will cause the customer on-going problems.
We will assist you with the calibration of the repeater attenuators to the building and the local cell tower to prevent any noise attacks on the local tower (or a competitor’s tower) which would violate Industry Canada rules and cause a carrier’s representative to show up at your location to locate the source of the problem.

All of our repeater systems now use high quality, HIGH OUTPUT and VERY reliable Sure Call Amplifiers that have a 2 year’s manufacturer’s warranty. From experience, they are the best on the market for the cost and power output.

In keeping with our past support policy for ALL customers, government and military programs, PG also continues to support all our older products since 1975.

All system designs and parts are shipped from our Schomberg, Ontario to location across Canada.