certificateThanks for your interest in having us design and install your high output cell phone and data signal amplifier system for your large distributed indoor antenna system.  Founded in 1975 as PG Electronics, the company P.G.Electronics (2008) Ltd.   designs and installs complete systems for the in-building distribution of wireless cell phone and data signals in both small sites and large complexes.

Many large and small systems have been designed and installed over the past several years for many various corporate (and residential) clients.

PG wireless distribution systems have been installed by national wireless carriers in every major indoor public concourse in Canada and in many commercial buildings in the US and Canada.

The PG system utilizes repeaters, bidirectional amplifiers, couplers (splitters, taps, diplexers) and power supplies in conjunction with coaxial cable and antennas in an integrated cost effective system.


The equipment can be connected in either star or pine tree systems to flexibly cover any building architecture or any amount of indoor antennas.

Systems are available to distribute multiple frequency bands in a single cable. In the PG “Dual Band” system both 850 MHz and 1900 MHz cell signals are amplified in a single amplifier chain to enable both cellular and PCS band cell signals to be radiated from common indoor antennas.

Our systems also provide heavy uplink power to bring the cell signals back from the indoor antennas through in-line amplifiers, back to the main repeater, and be sent back to the cell towers from the outdoor roof antenna. A very high 80db gain repeater is used generally in our systems with a high level of output power.

PG will design and install our systems for full indoor cell phone signal coverage for our customer’s project and building, and work with our customer to ensure that they receive the expected results from our high output cell phone signal amplifier systems.

PG will also work within the budget parameters of our customer’s and provide a firm quote for a specialized system to accomplish our customer’s goals.