How It Works

telecom-clipart-RcG6GnzRiIndustrial grade powerful high output cellular signal repeater enhancement systems, for installation by certified installers under Industry Canada rules and regulations, for RELIABLE indoor cellular communication in large areas such as offices, warehouses, underground parking lots, and are designed, aimed and calibrated to the local cell towers with a proper outdoor antenna set up. These are NOT low output consumer systems available in retail stores. They have output power for multiple indoor areas and high output power to ensure a reliable link with the local cellular network of towers. As a certified installer, we ensure they do not cause excessive RF noise on the local tower network.

These industrial grade systems would cost approx. $48,000.00 + to be installed by Rogers, Bell, or Telus, and our systems are a fraction of that cost. We can arrange the complete installation and calibration of the high output systems to the local cell towers. These HIGH output 5 frequency band systems are set for the uplink and downlink frequencies for ALL the major Canadian cell carriers (Rogers, Bell, Telus, Freedom and Videotron) and all Canadian regional carriers.

A High Output Industrial Grade Cellular Signal Enhancement System greatly improves cellular signal strength inside a building when using your cell phone for voice or 4G LTE data communication. They have the capacity for up to 100 cell phones use at the same time. These high output systems allow cellular signals to jump the concrete or steel building materials with the cell phone’s weak uplink (only 0.5 Watts, and this is what causes dropped calls-it’s not you losing the cell tower contrary to popular thought, it’s the cell tower losing YOUR WEAK OUTPUT CELL PHONE!!) and increases it to 15 Watts before throwing the uplink at the local cell tower (in a condensed cone). It also brings the tower’s downlink signals past the building materials and amplifies it to a high 15 Watts level into the indoor areas, so the cell phone will have a high level of downlink signal, when it communicates with the cell tower. The cell phone does not know the system is operating, it simply thinks it is close to and more exposed to the cell tower. Cell phones (voice or 4G LTE data) in the subject indoor area, will then communicate with the improved signal. When a cell phone or cellular device transmits, the signal is received by the inside antenna, boosted to a high level by the amplifier, and then broadcast back to the cell tower to stop the dropped calls or no indoor cell coverage.

These powerful high grade linear repeater systems are for large area commercial use, and will cover a large office area with many cell phone users, underground parking lot areas (such as many condominium parking areas for resident safety), large warehouse areas, multiple floor buildings, large indoor area metal and concrete buildings, etc. and the systems can be split into multiple indoor ceiling mount antennas if required, to cover different inside areas (divided by concrete or metal walls) or one very large indoor area (such as most Home Depot Stores across Canada with 6 indoor antennas). We will ensure the calibration of the system to the cell towers and ensure no noise attacks occur on the carrier’s towers, as required by Industry Canada regulations.

These high output linear systems (80dB Linear Repeaters with high 27 dBm Output Power) have adjustable attenuators for commercial buildings in urban areas to calibrate them to the local cell towers to prevent RF noise attacks on the cell towers (as per Industry Canada rules), maximize indoor coverage areas in buildings and make them adjustable for optional system expansion at a future date if required.
They also have software that will automatically shut them down if new cell towers are added in the area, to prevent any amplifier block damage or noise attacks on the carrier networks. Our system calibration to the local cellular tower network, is included with the cost of the systems. Installation and cabling services are available ACROSS Canada, and we have contracted installers on site in Toronto, all the Greater Toronto areas and Southern Ontario, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver areas, Moncton, Fredericton, and Halifax.

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